Trees add to the elegance and aesthetics of the property. However, trees also get damaged at times. If your tree is unwell, you must call a tree surgeon. They will check the condition and offer a solution. However, many people need to know the terms of tree surgeons. Being a novice will make it difficult for you to understand the service that the tree surgeon is offering. 

For instance, not having common knowledge about the differences between pruning and trimming will put you at a loss. If you want to understand the language of the tree surgeons, learn about the common concepts and terms that tree surgeons use. Next time you hire tree surgeons in Littlehampton, you can communicate with them. 

Tree surgery terms and glossary 

Tree felling 

This technique removes a tree completely by cutting the same from the base. The best thing about felling is that the tree is removed from the base and made to fall in a designated space. 

Formative pruning 

In this process, the branches of the trees are pruned from the early developmental stage to get the tree’s desired shape. Pruning is necessary when the branches have outgrown. 

Tree pollarding 

If the tree has grown to a large extent and is of great height, then the pollarding technique is used to fix the tree’s height. This is done when the tree’s height obstructs the people’s views. 

Crown thinning

With the help of the crown thinning process, the small branches of the tree are removed, and the tree’s weight is reduced. This is done when the trees become dense and all the branches do not get sufficient sunlight.  

Deadwood removal

This is the process that the tree surgeons undertake when the deadwood of the trees is removed. This is done to ensure the trees’ health and safety. Sometimes, the complete branches are removed to get rid of the deadwood. 

Adaptive growth 

This is the process where the growth of one area of the tree is compensated with the growth of the other. This process is also known as the reactive growth process. 

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