With spring at the gate, what is more exciting than the anticipation of spending more time outdoors? So, you would want your garden to be in the perfect shape, in a new apparel to welcome the spring. This is precisely where the dedicated tree surgeons in Littlehampton can help you out. And, here we unveil a few tips to spruce up your garden this spring with the help of expert tree surgeons. 

Here is how you can spruce up your garden

So, if you visualise a beautiful array of healthy spring trees, you need to maintain them and take good care of them. This will help make your trees look nice and aesthetic and give your garden an overall alluring appearance. Let’s dive straight into our expert tips. 

Spread New Mulch

You can spread new mulch around the trees to give them a fresh and alluring look. You can choose either from red or brown mulch. Moreover, it can also enhance the soil and boost the overall health of the trees. Some people also prefer to plant flowers around the tree. And this can give your garden a sublime and exquisite appearance. 


You can hire tree surgeons to prune your trees regularly. Regular pruning can lead to the growth of beautiful flowers. We strongly suggest that you begin the pruning in winter. This way, you will learn which parts of the tree need tending. And this knowledge will help you prune towards a blossoming, natural and healthy tree in the spring. 


Trimming your tree regularly can enhance the whole curb appeal of your garden. Trimming is effective not only from an aesthetic perspective. It is also necessary to keep your tree healthy. This way, you can remove any dead or decaying part of the tree that is causing disease. This can help reinvigorate the trees. 

Protecting the bark

The health of the bark is important for the health of the trees. Many things can harm the bark of your trees, such as overwatering, being hit with lawn tools and even branches that run up against the bark. All these can inflict serious damage to the bark. All these can contribute to the unattractive and unhealthy collective of trees, which, in turn, can impair the overall aesthetics of your garden.

Are you looking to reinvigorate your garden and make it all ready for the spring? Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists can help your garden appear to blossom with the first advent of spring.