Hedge work in Bognor Regis

Hedge trimming

Is your hedge taking over your garden and path? Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists suggest that you have your hedge trimmed twice a year to keep it green and beautiful all year. Hedge trimming is performed to maintain a certain size and shape of a hedge. Whether it’s a hedge, shrub or tree that needs trimming we will improve the overall appearance of your garden.

Fencing Services in Bognor Regis

Get durable, affordable and customised fencing in Bognor Regis for commercial and domestic customers to protect your premises. Secure your premises with fencing solutions and boost your property value.

Hedge reduction

Hedges can provide your garden with an excellent level of privacy, but unfortunately they grow quickly and soon become out of shape. Hedge reduction is carried out to reduce the size of the hedge rather than trim or reshape. Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists can help with your hedge work and change the height and width of your hedge creating an overall healthier look.

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