Tree removal services in Bognor Regis

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Pollarding is a method of severe tree reduction. The task involves cutting back the main branches of a tree to promote a more bushy growth of foliage. Pruning the tree in this way is a great way of keeping a tree low maintenance. By annually pollarding your tree you can also restrict it to a certain height. Other services we can offer which also involve pruning of the tree are crown thinning or reduction.

Dead wooding

This consists of the removal of dead wood from the canopy of the tree. Depending on the health of the wood this could be small branches or major limbs. The removal of dead wood can stop healthy branches from splitting which would cause the tree to be unhealthy and appear altogether unattractive, it is essential to remove the dead wood to maintain a safe environment and promote the future health of the tree.

Are you having a problem with a tree or hedge?

Whether it’s blocking your view, invading your space or looking unwell – Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists can help. We offer a range of services including tree felling, pollarding and removal of dead wood, with our expert opinion we can find the right solution for you. One of the more popular services is the complete tree removal, which is known as tree felling.

Stump grinding

Do you have a tree stump taking up space, tripping your kids or just being an eyesore in your garden?
At Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists we have the specialist equipment to cut down and remove any size tree stump.

Log splitting
and wood milling

Once your tree has been removed we can grind and remove the stump and even turn the wood in into logs with our log splitting service. Would you like to make a unique table for your home? Made from a tree from your garden? Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists offer a wood milling service.

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