Weathers are unpredictable most of the time. Storms, blizzards and winds might knock down trees anytime without giving a prior warning. During such occasions, you must contact the tree surgeon to fix the messed up trees in and around your property. Storms and poor weather conditions are not the only reason for tree damage; ageing and accidents also damage trees over time. Under such emergencies, tree surgeons are the people who can save your day. Hence, it is a smart move to keep a note of the tree surgeons in your area. 

Here is a list of emergency tree surgery services you can expect from tree surgeons near you. 

When do you need an emergency tree surgeon?

Trees are a beneficial and wonderful addition to the property. However, a broken, damaged, or diseased tree can be a source of problems for the inhabitants living in and around the property. Here are a few situations when you’ll need emergency tree surgeons. Sometimes trees might fall off without warning. It becomes difficult to pick them and remove them from the space. Under such circumstances as well a tree surgeon is required. 

Some of the common tree emergencies are as follows:

  • If a tree has fallen off suddenly and is blocking the road or driveway.
  • If the tree in your premises has aged or diseased with time, then the tree poses a threat to the house’s inhabitants.
  • If the tree has broken off from the middle due to high wind pressure.
  • If the tree branches are broken and hanging abnormally on the roofs, it might also damage the roof shingles. 
  • If the tree is in a vulnerable condition after the wind or storm.

What does an emergency tree surgeon do?

When you hire tree surgeons for emergency purposes, you can expect them to help you with the following services. 


  • They will remove the fallen trees and clear the sites immediately. 
  • They will cut the branches of the trees and clear out the mess from around the property and roof.
  • They will check the diseased tree and either remove the diseased parts or care for the whole tree. 
  • They will help you with proper tree stump removals.

With the help of routine tree maintenance, you can eliminate these sudden emergencies. Contact Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists for qualified and professional tree surgeons near you. We can help you with all types of tree surgery needs. To know more, check our website.