A garden consisting of various large trees and spans a wide area is a scene to behold. If the garden at your residence has the same pattern, you should take steps to maintain its beauty. If a tree dies or gets damaged, it can seriously impact the aesthetic factors of the space.

The Negative Effects of a Dead Tree:

Along with damaging the aesthetics of your garden, a dead tree can be a potential safety hazard on the property. It can affect the safety and well-being of your family members and neighbours. To ensure the safety of your property, it is vital to take help from a tree removal specialist near you.

Why Should You Remove Dead Trees from the Garden?

Here are a few reasons to promptly remove a dead tree from your property.

Spreads Disease to Other Trees

Being living things, trees are susceptible to diseases. If one tree in your garden dies from plant disease, there is a chance that it will spread to other trees in the garden too. This can potentially cause a series of tree deaths in your garden. As the property owner, your primary task is to remove the dead tree first. If there are prominent signs of disease or sickness in other trees, you should consult a professional tree surgeon.

Potential Hub for Pests

A tree starts to decompose after death, just like other living beings. This can be a safe haven for different kinds of insects, pests and creepers. They feed on the decomposing part of the vegetation. They might find temporary refuge inside the tree hollow. However, it won’t take them long to invade your property. To stop the chance of potential insect infestation, removing the dead tree from your garden is vital.

Decreases Curb Appeal


If you have established a garden to increase the property’s visual appeal, you must get rid of the dead or dying trees. A negative image like dying trees at your property can decrease your property value. This will hamper your plans of selling the property in the future.

To maintain your space’s safety and visual integrity, it is very important to remove dead or dying trees from your garden. If you want an expert’s help, you can get in touch with Greenbelt Tree Surgery Specialists. Our team consists of reliable tree surgeons. They can help you with dead tree removal and tree reductions in Bognor Regis. Learn more about our service by visiting our website today.